Agile Guarding was established in 2011 by the founders, who possess 15+ years of security industry experience. We operate according to our values, and we expect our staff to depict the same values while working with the clients.  It’s because they are the faces of our company, so it is up to them to make an excellent reputation for our company. Furthermore, we look for individuals who have the essential skill set and mindset to become a part of our team. Our staff gets job-oriented and grooming-oriented training to our team members to make them the best version of themselves.  

Find the best possible opportunities with the best security guard services provider in the UK.

What We Look For?

At Agile Guarding, we follow strict guidelines and procedures to hire the top talent in the security industry. Here are the things that we need from a security job seeker:


This is something we emphasise everytime, as we want all of our members to be the epitome of professionalism.

Critical Thinkers

Critical thinking and analytical abilities help understand the cases that require some investigation of a situation.


Being a person who understands the latest technologies help with simplifying various aspects of a security job.

Strong Morals

The right candidate must possess a strong sense of justice and righteousness to become a part of the security industry.


Reporting and communicating with the stakeholders are essential parts of a security job, so an ideal candidate must be proficient.

Physically Fit

A security person has to be physically fit and healthy to protect the belongings and lives of other people.

What Do You Get?

Our people are the true heroes of the company, and we do not run away from investing in them to be outstanding security personnel.

security uniform

Security Uniform

All security personnel get a free uniform from Agile Guarding Services Limited.

ongoing training

On-going Training

On-going training is provided to our security personnel according to a client’s needs.

market competitive compensation

Competitive Salary

We offer market-competitive compensation packages to our security teams.

growth opportunities

Career Growth

We help you work with the top clients and will help you get to higher positions based on your performance.

paid holidays

Paid Holidays

Your personal life is valuable, so we provide a decent number of paid holidays.

Available Vacancies

As a security guard, you have to protect the assets of 

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Application Form

Apply for a job by completing the form, or send us your resume at @hr