Security Guards in North West UK

Our SIA Licensed Security Guards
SIA Licensed Security Guards

Our Security Guards in North West UK involves highly skilled and SIA (Security Industry Authority) certified individuals. At Agile Guarding, we prioritise safety and strictly adhere to the rigorous standards set by the SIA. We maintain a commitment to continuous improvement by actively monitoring and assessing the performance of each team member. Our aim is not just to meet but to exceed your security expectations.

Our Security Guards in North West UK are highly skilled and SIA (Security Industry Authority) certified individuals. At Agile Guarding, we prioritise safety and strictly adhere to the rigorous standards set by the SIA.

Why Choose Us?

In addition to a host of exceptional services including the best trained security guards for North West UK we have made a list of all other reasons why you should choose us to protect not only your assets and lives but also your mental peace.

professional security staff

Professional Staff

Our staff receives rigorous training and is extremely professional. By providing you with SIA licensed security personnel who recognize their responsibilities to the community in general will play a vital role in securing and protecting the vulnerable.

24/7 protection

24/7 Protection

Our security guarding services offer continuous protection around the clock. You can rely on our SIA-licensed security guards to maintain the highest level of safety at your premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

quick response

Quick Response

In contrast to traditional law enforcement, our private security guards can promptly address threats. With availability 24/7, our personnel undergoes comprehensive training to ensure swift and effective responses, placing a premium on your protection.

bespoke services

Customized Solutions

We here at Agile Guarding Services Limited work together with our clients as partners to prepare bespoke security solutions, which caters to their specific concerns and needs. Our team works with you at each step while providing our guarding services.

cost effective

Loss Prevention

Engaging our security guards is a proactive measure in preventing losses. Our security guards are committed to protecting assets, properties, and lives, establishing Agile Guarding Services as your reliable partner in security.

deterring theft

Elimination of Threats

The anticipation of potential criminal activities is an integral aspect of our security guards' responsibilities. Our private security guards actively detect and neutralise threats before they materialise, ultimately safeguarding assets, properties, and lives.

Security Guards for Every Industry

Hiring security guards at private properties helps to protect assets and lives. Our SIA licensed security personnel in North West UK provide top-class security. With the extensive training our guards can finally ensure your peace of mind as they are well equipped to deal with emergency situations.

mobile patrols services

Mobile Patrol Guards

Our mobile patrol guards conduct regular patrols in vehicles and on foot that are suitable for larger areas or properties that require constant 24/7 security monitoring.

corporate event security

Event Security Guards

Specialized in managing security at events our event security guards not only control access and monitor crowds but also have a prompt response to any security issues.

retail security icon

Retail Security Guards

Our retail security guards specialize in focusing on prevention of theft and maintain a secure shopping environment. They monitor entrances and exits with the best surveillance systems.

Specialized Security Guards

Specialized Security Guards

We also have specialized security guards trained for specific industries like healthcare security, industrial security, and educational institutions (colleges & universities).

construction site K9 security

Construction Site Guards

Specialized in managing vacant properties and construction sites, our security guards for construction sites not only control access but also respond to inappropriate situations quickly.

Corporate Security Guards

Corporate Security Guards

They provide security in office buildings and corporate environments if you’re looking for monitoring access, protecting assets and ensuring a safe work environment.

Security Guarding Features

By offering multitudes of services we are able to enhance the security experience of our esteemed clientele as we serve multiple sectors within the same business. Our security guard services in North West UK include but are not limited to the following.

static security guards

Static Security Guarding

Trained security professionals guard the site and ensure protection.

personal security guards

Personal Security

Expert security guards protect the VIPs and clients.

mobile patrols security

Mobile Patrols

Our team patrols the site and nearby areas to look for threats.

reception security services

Concierge & Reception Services

A dedicated staff member can take care of reception duties.

top cctv security & surveillance

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV operators utilise CCTV systems to offer assistance to static team and protect client property.

keyholding for mobile patrols/security guards


Security guards eliminate the unauthorized access to sensitive areas.

lock and unlock services

Locking & Unlocking Property

Our professionals can help with locking & unlocking the property on your behalf.

vacant property protection

Vacant Property Protection

A security team can be dedicated to protect your vacant site and eliminate potential risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your process for conducting a security assessment?

After the initial consultation we conduct comprehensive risk assessment to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities. Then we physically inspect the premises and review the existing security infrastructure.


After that the security solutions are determined keeping in mind the regulatory compliance check and client approval. The cost benefit analysis is also provided to the client before approval.

What steps do you take to ensure confidentiality?

We understand the meaning of security and privacy fully well which is why confidentiality of our clients is our top most priority as they are already at risk we minimize it by keeping their information private and refrain from testimonials and case studies for this very reason.

Are your security personnel licensed and trained?

All our security personnel are SIA certified highly skilled individuals who have to undergo numerous screening and training processes regularly.

How can your security services be customized to meet our specific needs?

We here at Agile Guarding Services provide various kinds of security services that can be customized to meet your needs for a more comprehensive view of you requirements we can suggest what would work best for you according to your needs, assessing the risk, the environment and your budget.

How do you handle emergency response & crisis management?

In order to handle emergency responses and crisis management we develop comprehensive emergency response plans tailored to the specific needs and risks of the client's location or industry. Furthermore we conduct regular drills and simulations to ensure preparedness and familiarity with protocols. To be able to coordinate with local emergency services and relevant authorities helps us conduct thorough reviews and analyses of emergency responses.

What parts of the UK do you cover?

Agile Guarding Services covers the Bolton and North West areas in England. We provide bespoke security guard services in the North West UK, such as security for retail centres, offices, construction sites, and events, etc.

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