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What is mobile patrol security? And how does it work? Unlike your regular security guard, mobile patrols visit the premises at different times to look for threats – like theft, vandalism, trespassing, etc. Also, they will move around (via a vehicle) the building to look for suspicious activities. So they will be available for backup when the criminals expect them least.

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When clients reach out to us for maximum security solutions, we recommend mobile patrols security for 100% protection. 

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External Security

Sometimes, the criminal acts can be eliminated before they come to light. That’s how mobile patrols operate; they remove the threats at the very beginning through external security procedures.

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Marked Vehicles

Agile guarding’s marked vehicles cover all areas, leaving criminals no place to hide. No matter what hole they run into, we will track them down and protect you at all costs.

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Backup for Static Security

If a situation requires backup for the static security team, mobile patrols will come for immediate help. Also, they help with loss prevention and chase down the culprits.

24/7 protection

24/7 Service

Our security patrols are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for complete security service. So you don't have to worry about someone sceptical entering or even roaming inside the building.

Mobile Patrol Features

Hire mobile patrols for both internal and external security. In the case of internal security, the security personnel will use the keys (given by you) to move within the building to locate harmful acts. During the external patrols, they will protect the building from the outside while searching for dangerous activities at the entry.

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Protection of Premises

after hours mobile patrols security

After-hours Security

mobile patrols security

Internal & External patrols

quick response

Quick Response to Alarms

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Deny Access to Trespassers

emergency first aid

Emergency First Aid

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security reports

Reporting to Stakeholders

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of a mobile security officer?

Mobile patrols security undertakes various duties and responsibilities to deter criminal/illegal acts. Following are the core tasks of Mobile Patrol Security Personnel:

  • Patrolling the site to protect premises, equipment, and personnel
  • Loss prevention and reporting
  • Detain people engaging in criminal or illegal activities
  • Maintain security equipment at a client’s premises
  • Secure a client’s reputation

How do mobile patrols security work?

Mobile patrol security is different from your regular on-site security guards. The security patrol personnel visit your site at specific times, according to your contract. It is a personalised security measure to nullify the possibility of criminal acts at different times of the day/night.

Why people hire private security patrols in UK?

Mobile security patrols act as a visual deterrent to stop illegal and criminal activities at your premises. It provides internal and external protection against such behaviours to help you work without any issues.

Can security guards arrest someone in the UK?

Security officers do not have legal permission to arrest someone in the UK. Although, they can detain someone in case of a burglary or theft using minimal force. They are only hired to “stop” illegal or criminal acts and “protect” the assets & people.

What parts of the UK do you cover?

Agile Guarding Services covers the Bolton and North West areas in England. We can provide bespoke security services and solutions in the UK, such as mobile patrols security for offices, events, retail outlets, industrial facilities and construction sites.

Is Agile Guarding Services Ltd. recognized by SIA?

Yes. Agile Guarding Services Ltd. is accredited by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to perform security duties in North West England, UK.

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