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Event security services are one of our core specialties as a security firm in Bolton, UK.  Establish unbreakable protection for your special occasion with our world-class security staff and solutions. We offer bespoke security guarding services, covering all your security needs, from corporate conferences and expositions to concerts and weddings.

We Cover All Kinds of Events

Our clients trust us to handle the security concerns so they can work on establishing an outstanding and memorable occasion. Agile Guarding covers a wide range of occasions to prepare unique event security plans for every occasion.

corporate event security

Corporate Events

We make sure your professional meetings or conferences have unbeatable security standards and systems.

event security for concerts and festivals


Specially trained security personnel ensures your complete safety via crowd management, surveillance, and crisis planning.

hire event security for wedding

Wedding Security

Hire event security for a wedding to keep your special day safe from prying eyes - without any hassle or worry.

sports event security

Sports Events

Our security staff performs ticket management, crowd control, and security for VIPs.

party event security services

Party Security

Enjoy a good time with your guests without a second thought about protection.

charity event security

Charity Events

Keep working hard for your goal as we value it and will protect it to the best of our abilities.

Event Security Features

How Do We Help?

Client safety is the utmost priority for our security staff, and they perform various tasks to ensure 360 security. No matter what special event you have in mind, Agile Guarding Services can establish a bespoke security plan for you.

Crowd management

Crowd Management

Controlling the crowd to avoid any disturbing or hostile actions during the event.

emergency planning

Emergency Planning

Creating an emergency plan for every possible critical situation beforehand - to secure a special occasion.

venue event security

Venue Security

Protecting the entry and exit points of the venue to stop uninvited guests from making an entrance.

client protection


Taking calculated but quick actions to secure the clients and their assets at all costs.

security reports

Create the Security Reports

Establishing a record of every activity for further security precautions.

Partner with Agile Guarding Services Limited

Worried about the security of your big event? Let us handle your worries with our exceptional event security so you can focus on other aspects of having a successful event!  

Making your life easier and more secure is our goal. Get in touch with us right now for a free security consultation!  

How can we collaborate with you for event security?

Following are some of the methods we use to improve the security of your events by collaborating with the clients, but they may change depending on your requirements:

Venue & event security

Venue Inspection

A comprehensive event venue audit will provide you with all the information you need to keep track of everything and provide us with ample measures for risk management.

cctv solutions

surveillance & assistance

The CCTV cameras can assist event security guards with monitoring and emergency prevention. Large-scale events will also benefit from having an expert medical team on-site.  

effective communication

effective communication

The security team needs to stay in consistent communication with a client's staff. All suspicious activities should be reported to the security team immediately.  

bespoke services

Event Management Plan

We will develop a robust action plan to assist with the potential risks effectively. Ensure you provide as much information as possible from the beginning to the end of the event.

deterring theft

security check points

Setting up security checkpoints is among the most important ways to protect people. It compels agitators to approach security guards before they can cause any harm.

professional security staff

Provide a Staff List

One of the aspects of ensuring a safe event is keeping unauthorized people out. Hence, provide a staff list to your security team and front-desk employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of security in events?

Event security guards perform various duties to ensure impenetrable protection on a special occasion. Following are the core tasks of show and event security staff:

  • Check entry/exit points at a venue
  • Crowd control
  • Provide first aid
  • Handle emergency and hostile situations
  • Examine people’s behaviours to look for suspicious activities
  • Monitor a site through CCTV cameras for wide security coverage

How much does event security cost in the UK?

It is hard to explain as each event requires a different set of security measures, and client needs vary a lot as well.  The rates vary due to a guard’s experience, site area, and security agency you’re hiring from. If you need event security in the UK, you can request a free quote from us to find the latest event security rates.

What kind of events do you cover?

Agile Guarding Services cover a wide range of events, from sports events and festivals to weddings and parties. Whatever event you are planning, we can provide a personalised security service according to your requirements.

What makes us your best event security company choice?

Agile Security Services Ltd. can be your best event security company choice as we have been providing security services and solutions in the UK for over 10 years. We understand our client's requirements and prepare a tailored security plan according to their needs. You can type in the chat box to know more about our show and event security services from our customer support team.

Is Agile Guarding Services Ltd. accredited by SIA?

Yes, Agile Guarding Services Ltd. is accredited by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to provide show and event security services in the UK. Know more about our accreditations “here”.

What parts of the UK do you cover?

We provide show and event security services in Bolton and North West England, UK. If you need our bespoke security service in any of these areas, feel free to contact us.

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