K9 Security (Canine Security)

Are Dogs Good For ?

Yes, they are! In collaboration with specialist suppliers, we provide K9 security dogs for detecting various criminal behaviors. They are the best combination with our security guard services as it ensures more protection with lower manpower. Furthermore, these canine units have extensive canine security training, approved by SIA and NASDU.

To make sure Dog Handlers are assessed to the highest of standards we carry out:

Continual Refresher training

Weekly Vehicle Inspections

Monthly K9 Health Check

Our Process

Follow our easy 4-step process to get K9 security services of our security dogs and guards.

Initial consultation

You can schedule a free consultation with us to get started our canine dogs security services.

agile guarding process - 2

Identify your security needs

Let us help you identify your security requirements and offer a security plan according to your budget.

agile guarding process - 3

Get bespoke security plan

A bespoke canine security plan will be shared about how we will implement the security measures for your business.

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We will initiate the onboarding process after a complete and thorough understanding of the contract.

K9 Security Features

How Can We Help?

K9 security dogs can identify and locate specific scents of harmful substances in large crowds. As dogs have heightened awareness and senses, they are better at searching the illegal substances and criminal behaviours.

Crowd management

Crowd Control

Canine security is highly effective in managing a crowd. Our dogs are well trained to respond to and manage aggressive behavior.

venue event security

Site Patrol

K9 security can aid in patrolling sites more effectively than security guards alone, thanks to dogs' sense of smell and hearing.

enhances deterrent

Enhances Deterrent

K9 dog security serves as a powerful visible deterrent to potential criminals and it's also more cost-effective.

reduce crime and risk

Reduces Crime & Risk

The presence of canine security ensures the protection of civilians in public environments providing them with a sense of safety.

protect civilians

Protect Civilians

The presence of canine security ensures the protection of civilians in public environments providing them with a sense of safety.

static security guards

Support Security Staff

The collaboration of the security staff along with canine units provides a more proactive approach to deal with threats.

Why Choose Us?

Canine units patrol the site to search for suspicious activities and support the other security teams.

The dogs are trained for the essential defence to assist the security guards and protect the civilians.

Canine security services combined with private security guards guarantee the absolute security of the clients.

bespoke services

Bespoke K9 Security

No need to worry if it fits your requirements as we tailor our service according to your needs

synergize security efforts

Synergizes All Security Efforts

Complements other security teams and enhances their productivity as a support service.

cost effective

Cost Effective

Canine security teams help with reducing manpower on a property, hence, saving your costs.

quick response

Quick Response

Dogs have much higher senses compared to humans. They can locate the trespassing or hiding criminals quickly.

Sectors We Specialize In

We provide canine units in collaboration with specialized suppliers that are highly trained, SIA-licensed professionals qualified by NASDU. Our Control Centre provides 24/7 support to these canine units.

K9 security for national infrastructure

National infrastructure

construction site K9 security

Construction & utilities sites

Vacant property protection

Vacant properties

canine units distribution and logistics centres K9

Distribution & Logistics centres

K9 for Manufacturing & production facilities

Manufacturing & production facilities

High-risk / High-value assets K9 protection

High-risk / High-value assets

Venue & event security

Venues & events

canine security for schools, colleges & universities

Schools, colleges & universities

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canine Security (K9 Security)?

K9 (or Canine) services deploy security dogs to carry out the security duties. The dogs are exceptional for locating and detaining people engaging in criminal or illegal acts. The K9 unit dogs are a great way to strengthen security with minimum manpower on a site.

Are dogs good for security?

It’s true that a dog is a human’s best friend, and they are quite smarter than we think. With the right training, the dogs can be exceptional at performing security duties, thanks to their heightened senses. Many people look for K9 dogs and handlers to enhance protection on their sites.

What is the purpose of K9 security services?

K9 units help reduce hiring costs for security guards as they are better at locating and stopping illegal or hostile behaviours. A client can enhance the security at their premises with minimal manpower via canine units. Agile Guarding Services provide excellent bespoke security dog services for general safety in various sectors.

Are we eligible to provide security with dogs in the UK?

Yes. Our specialized suppliers are accredited by NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users) to provide K9 security services in Bolton, North West England. We can prepare a personalized dog security plan according to your site layout.

What parts of the UK do you cover?

Agile Guarding Services covers the Bolton and North West areas in England. We can provide bespoke security services and solutions in the UK, such as security for offices, events, retail outlets, industrial facilities and construction sites.

Is Agile Guarding Services Ltd. recognized by SIA?

Yes. Agile Guarding Services Ltd. is accredited by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to perform security duties in North West England, UK.

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