K9 Security (Canine Security)

Are Dogs Good For ?

Yes, they are! In collaboration with specialist suppliers, we provide K9 security dogs for detecting various criminal behaviours. They are the best combination with our security guard services as it ensures more protection with lower manpower. Furthermore, our canine units have extensive canine security training, approved by SIA and NASDU.

To make sure our Dog Handlers are assessed to the highest of standards we carry out:

Continual Refresher training

Weekly Vehicle Inspections

Monthly K9 Health Check

Why Choose Us?

Canine units patrol the site to search for suspicious activities and support the other security teams.

The dogs are trained for the essential defence to assist the security guards and protect the civilians.

Canine security services combined with private security guards guarantee the absolute security of the clients.

bespoke services

Bespoke K9 Security

No need to worry if it fits your requirements as we tailor our service according to your needs

synergize security efforts

Synergizes All Security Efforts

Complements other security teams and enhances their productivity as a support service.

cost effective

Cost Effective

Canine security teams help with reducing manpower on a property, hence, saving your costs.

quick response

Quick Response

Dogs have much higher senses compared to humans. They can locate the trespassing or hiding criminals quickly.

Sectors We Specialize In

Our handlers are highly trained, SIA licensed professionals qualified by NASDU, NTIPDU or BIPDT. They are fully uniformed, drive marked vehicles and receive site-specific assignment instructions. As with all our security officers, the FRG Control Centre provides 24/7 support.

K9 security for national infrastructure

National infrastructure

construction site K9 security

Construction & utilities sites

Vacant property protection

Vacant properties

canine units distribution and logistics centres K9

Distribution & Logistics centres

K9 for Manufacturing & production facilities

Manufacturing & production facilities

High-risk / High-value assets K9 protection

High-risk / High-value assets

Venue & event security

Venues & events

canine security for schools, colleges & universities

Schools, colleges & universities

K9 Security Features


How Can We Help?

K9 security dogs can identify and locate specific scents of harmful substances in large crowds. As dogs have heightened awareness and senses, they are better at searching the illegal substances and criminal behaviours.

Crowd management

Crowd Control

venue security

Site Patrol

enhances deterrent

Enhances Deterrent

reduce crime and risk

Reduces Crime and Risk

protect civilians

Protect Civilians

static security guards

Support Security Staff

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