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Smart CCTV Security

Agile Guarding’s security specialists assess your property to devise optimal CCTV security installation plans. Our team will work with you directly to understand your needs and install the cameras at the most sensitive locations to get the most coverage. We utilise the best hardware and software to get the most out of CCTV systems. Plus, we report all the stakeholders in case of intrusions to keep everyone on the same page.


A CCTV system covers the blind spots that security guards might not be able to keep an eye on, helping the internal security team to take action if something suspicious occurs. Leverage our innovative CCTV solutions to keep maximum security on your private property.

deterring theft

Deterring Theft & Vandalism

Covers Hidden Spots

Footage Documentation


Monitoring & Control


Facilitate Insurance Claims

Security Systems

We collaborate with Jackson Fire & Security to carry out CCTV and other security system installations, servicing and reactive maintenance.

cctv solutions

CCTV Sytems

We have a wide range of CCTV solutions - vandal resistant dome cameras, patrolling cameras, and bullet cameras that come with auto number plate recognition.

access control

Access Controls

Access controls help restrict, monitor, and record the movement of personnel, assets, or vehicles at your business premises. Agile Guarding can access controls for - intercom, cameras, gates, keypads, and barriers.

intruder alarm

Intruder Alerts

Intruder alarms help secure assets and belongings from criminals. We can provide all grades of intruder alarms to suit all types of customers with 24/7 monitoring as a maintenance package.


cctv solutions

CCTV System Installation

Assess your site layout for the best CCTV security system installation.

personal security guards

Supports Other Security Staff

Communicates with the internal security team to take action if a criminal activity takes place.

top cctv security & surveillance


Watches over people through the camera to search for dubious activities.


Continuously maintains and improves the surveillance camera for better security.

Manage Footage Records

CCTV operators keep a record of camera footage for investigation, proof, or other security matters.

security reports

Reports and Documentation

Makes reports (weekly or monthly) to help stakeholders understand the current security position and improve performance.


How Do We Help?

Agile Guarding’s CCTV operators are trained for quality delivery of CCTV services. They fulfil a wide range of responsibilities to guarantee the overall protection of property.

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