Reception Security

Reception Security Is Befitting For
Reception Security Is Befitting For

What is front-of-house security? Front-of-house (or reception) security deploys the security personnel as your staff member.  Security for front desk areas is the key to a more secure setting for corporate and office locations. Their role is to assist the internal staff/visitors and support the security teams, so you do not have to worry about business operations and security.

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Apart from being trained and professional, our reception security is extremely welcoming and friendly creating a safe and positive environments for your clients. With Agile Guarding’s reception security services, you can maintain a secure reception area.

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Trust us to design, apply, and implement a tailored concierge service as we implement the best professionalism and technology-driven practices to establish the highest levels of protection. Our team is motivated to work hard and smart to exceed your demands. Moreover, we do the same for your staff and visitors to make your authority reputation.

professional security staff

Trained Reception Security Staff

Our highly professional and skilled reception security staff will ensure the safety and protection of your assets.

customized security solutions

Customized solutions

We provide bespoke concierge security services to meet the requirements of our clients individually. 

sia licensed

SIA Licensed Personnel

All our security staff is highly trained and SIA licensed which speaks volumes about our commitment to our work. 

cutting edge technology

Technology enabled

We are a tech-driven security firm and provide advanced solutions that can take on the challenges of newly evolved threats and risks. 

Reception Security Features

How Do We Help?

We train our front of house security officers to be the epitome of professionalism, they perform front desk procedures according to security screening standards.

reception security services

Meet and Greet

Manages the business operations for staff members and visitors.

cctv solutions

CCTV Surveillance

Monitors the premises and people through CCTV cameras to look for deviant behaviours.

emergency first aid

Emergency First Aid

Provide emergency first aid at work for critical situations in the workplace.

client protection

First Point of Contact

Acts as a point of contact for everyone within the corporate environment.

quick response

Alarm Response

Contact the police or other security teams in case of emergency incidents.

security backup

Supportive Role

Plays a cooperative role in case of critical situations like managing conflict or first aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of a Front of House Security Officer?

The following are the core duties of a Reception/Front of House Security Officer:


  • Meet and greet the staff and visitors
  • Assist the employees and visitors with their queries
  • Professionally answer the incoming calls
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Maintaining safety at the workplace by not allowing the unauthorised members
  • Examine the people’s behaviours
  • Handle the emergency or hostile situations confidently
  • Contact the security teams in case of suspicious activities

What is Front of House Security / Reception Security?

Front of house or reception security officers perform many roles on corporate premises. They meet & greet the staff and visitors, help them with their queries, and do receptionist tasks. Moreover, a reception security officer acts as a middle person for the security team to enhance protection in a corporate setting. 

Why do you need security in reception areas for an office?

The reception staff can be the first line of defence as they are the first to interact with any person in a corporate setting. They have access to the most sensitive areas and can play a vital role in emergency planning. Having a reception security officer at your corporate office can minimise the risks of hostile or criminal actions at your workplace as they are ready to contact the security staff in case of a dangerous situation. Also, they can perform the same duties as a receptionist while maintaining protection at your premises.

Why are security guards important for a property?

There are many benefits of hiring security guards. Most businesses, banks, educational institutions, national authorities, and people hire security guards for protection. They specialise in protecting people, assets, and properties -  giving a sense of protection to property owners, staff, and visitors.

Is Agile Guarding Services Ltd. recognized by SIA?

Yes. Agile Guarding Services Ltd. is accredited by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to perform reception security duties in North West England, UK.

What parts of the UK do you cover?

Agile Guarding Services covers the Bolton and North West areas in England. We can provide bespoke reception security services and solutions in the UK for various corporate sectors.

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