Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

This policy sets out our view of our corporate responsibilities for the environment and communities in which we operate and for the well-being of our staff, partners, public and clients. Some of these responsibilities are spelled out in more detail in other documents.

Every person we work with and for makes important and unique contributions to the community, to their own organizations, and to our work. We appreciate and honour their diversity in every way it manifests itself and encourage diversity as basic in all out interaction with the community and with our
partners, associates, employees and clients.

We acknowledge our responsibility to care for our employees, to provide them with meaningful employment through which they can support themselves and their families, and to do everything possible to ensure their ongoing workplace welfare, health, and safety.

We are committed to ensuring our clients and the general public have a secure and safe environment, and we attempt to safeguard their property, including intellectual property, just as much as we would protect our own.

Through the operation of our Environmental Policy, our Policy on Equality and Diversity and our Health and Safety Policy, we seek to improve and maintain the environment in the communities in which we operate. We oppose both child labour and forced labour and do not engage in either practice.

We Agile Guarding Services Limited pride ourselves in dealing with our employees, business partners, and clients in an honourable and honest way always.