Security Guards

Our SIA Licensed Security Guards
Our SIA Licensed Security Guards

Our security guards team is SIA certified, and they provide security service according to SIA standards. Furthermore, they go through our particular training plan before commencing the manned guarding services. We prepare them for risk management, first aid, and fulfilling everything that falls under their responsibilities. Also, we monitor and assess the performance of every team member for improvements so they can surpass your requirements.

Why Choose Us?

The goal of Agile Guarding is to enhance the mental peace of your staff, visitors, and you; so no one has to worry about their protection because someone is always watching their back if some adverse scenario occurs.

24/7 protection

24/7 Protection

With private security, you do not have to worry about protection as a professional security staff is at your service 24/7. Our security guarding services and solutions guarantee maximum safety at your premises 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

quick response

Quick Response

Compared to police, private security guards can immediately respond to threats as they are 24/7 available to protect their clients. Our staff goes through extensive security guards training to ensure your protection.

cost effective

Loss Prevention

Loss prevention is the most prominent reason for hiring security guards. The main objective of security staff is to protect and prevent the loss of assets, properties, and lives. Choose Agile Guarding Services to be your security guard company.

deterring theft

Elimination of Threats

You never know if some criminal activity will occur, but it’s part of a security guard’s job to look for such potential risks. The private security personnel find and eliminate threats before they occur - saving the assets, properties, and lives.

Security Guarding Features

Agile Guarding’s security guards perform a wide range of tasks to ensure the safety and protection of our clients. Our security staff can perform various duties:

static security guards

Static Security Guarding

personal security guards

Personal Security

mobile patrols security

Mobile Patrols

reception security services

Concierge & Reception Services

top cctv security & surveillance

CCTV Surveillance

keyholding services


lock and unlock services

Locking & Unlocking Property

vacant property protection

Vacant Property Protection

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Do you need a personal security guard in the UK? Or need private security for your workplace? We serve various industries – construction, corporate, industrial, and logistics. 

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