Fire Safety

Personalised Fire Safety
Personalised Fire Safety

In collaboration with specialist suppliers, we provide fire watch teams, consultancy and management. The goal of fire watch officers is to minimise the risks of fire in a workplace or any other property. It is one of the core security measures in an area where many people work or valuable assets exist. Keep a fire watch staff at your premises to avoid property, asset, or life damages due to fire

What We Do?

The goal of fire watch safety officers is to minimize the risks of fire in a workplace or any other property. It is one of the core security measures in an area where many people work or valuable assets exist. According to fire watch laws and regulations, fire watch systems are necessary when the sprinklers or alarms within a building are not working for over four hours.  Additionally, if there is a risk of generating sparks or ignition at a place, you will need to implement more sophisticated fire safety procedures. This helps you have peace of mind and avoid critical damages in case of fire.

fire safety inspection


The fire watch team inspects your site to find loopholes and ways to improve the current fire systems.

fire safety system installation


Superior security systems are installed according to speculations of your site's compliance with fire safety laws of the United Kingdom.

security system maintenance


Moreover, we maintain them to keep premises and people safe from fire after deploying the systems.

Fire Safety Systems

We collaborate with Jackson Fire & Security to carry out fire safety system installations, servicing and reactive maintenance.

fire alarms

Fire Alarms

Whether it is the initial design, full installation, system maintenance or an emergency call out – we have arrangements in place to deliver the right solution for you.

Fire extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are a legal requirement in most workplaces as they help put out the fire. We offer a complete range of all shapes and sizes of extinguishers at very competitive prices.

emergency lighting

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting helps the victims find a way to safety if power failure occurs. Also, It is a mandatory obligation by Fire Safety Order to regularly test and inspect emergency lighting systems of premises.



How Do We Help?

We offer bespoke fire watch services tackling all the risks and challenges at your place. 

Whether you need fire safety at the workplace, factory, or during construction, our inspection team makes smart assessments of your site to make a sound strategy.

investigation services

Risk Assessment

Our team watches over your site to find loopholes within your current system.

fire safety system

Safety Systems

We deploy the new fire safety systems or improve the existing ones to enhance protection against fire incidents.

static security guards

Fire Patrol

Fire watch regularly patrol the site to look for fire or spark generating activities.

waking watch

Waking Watch

If there are people at the site 24 hours, we ensure to bring them safely out of the premises.

emergency planning

Emergency Planning

Performs crisis planning to map out an action plan for fire circumstances.

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